Caputo Tipo 1 Flour 1kg

Caputo Tipo 1 Flour 1kg

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Caputo type 1 flour is a high in gluten and less refined soft wheat flour which stands out for its light brown colour, fragrance and rustic taste.

The highly skilled Millers at Molino Caputo wanted to bring back from the past a vintage Neapolitan recipe which releases the scents of ancient flavours, therefore they mixed a selection of the best variety of grains and enriched these with wheat germs.

The result is a flour ideal for long leavening doughs, that preserves the authenticity and tradition of the historic Neapolitan culinary culture.


About the producer: 

Mulino Caputo is a mill based in the beautiful Naples - Italy. 

The company was founded in 1924 by Carmine Caputo on his return to Italy from the USA. 

Based on three main values: authority, spontaneity and tradition, Mulino Caputo is a guarantee of extremely high standards of quality since three generations.   

Thanks to the Caputo's Method which consists in selecting and mixing only the best wheat, following a slow grinding process, they can obtain supreme quality flours by preserving the starch, the organoleptic properties and most of all the authenticity of the flavour. 

Last but not least, Mulino Caputo does not use artificial enzymes and additives, therefore be assured their products are extremely natural.  


Our recommendation:

Functional for long leavening doughs and also as a blending flour for bread, pizza and desserts.


Directions of use: 

Use as directed in your recipe



wheat flour 


Nutritional values:

Type of flour 




Bread making

W 250-270


P/L 0.45/0.55

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