Maruzzella Sardines In Olive Oil 120g

Maruzzella Sardines In Olive Oil 120g

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Prime quality sardines in olive oil, fished in the Atlantic ocean and worked by expert hands on the fishing site. 


Maruzzella sardines do not contain additives nor preservatives. The simple recipe has been handed down from generation to generation: sardines, olive oil and salt.   

Sardines and fish in general play a fundamental role within the Mediterranean diet, considered by the international community of nutritionists to be the most balanced of dietary styles.

Enjoy their intense and characteristic taste during your appetizers, snacks, first and second courses. 

About the producer:

The story of Igino Mazzola Spa dates back to 1918 when the founder Igino Mazzola started his business in Genoa - northern Italy, a city that has the culture of the sea in its DNA.

The Company’s idea of innovation is preserving the nature, promoting simplicity and listening to the needs of a changing world. 

In a family run company each decision respects a memory, and an agreement is created between generations that is a guarantee of attention and care. 

Their simple recipe is still the same: fish, olive oil and salt and every decision is weighted by balancing the real needs of the consumer, fishermen, workers and the ecosystem. 

As an expression of Made in Italy, in occasion of their centenary the Italian Post Office issued a postage stamp dedicated to the Company. 


Our recommendation:

We love these sardines with spaghetti or linguine, in spicy tomato sauce. 


Directions of use:

Store in a cool dry place.


Sardines, olive oli, salt 

Contains fish


Nutritional values / 100 gr:


795 KJ / 190 Kcal 


10 g 

- of which saturates 

2 g 

- of which polyunsaturates

2 g 


0 g 

- of which sugars

0 g 


0 g 


25 g 


1 g 

High in Omega3 fatty acids (EPA+DHA= 0,2g %g product (drained))

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