De Cecco Arborio Rice 1kg

De Cecco Arborio Rice 1kg

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De Cecco Arborio rice is meticulously crafted starting from the careful selection of the raw materials, following a slow method which goes from the mill to your table. 

Arborio rice is one of the most widely used varieties in Italy due to its characteristics of shape and substance: short and large pearl white grains which are visually appealing and  guarantee an excellent firmness when cooked, making it ideal for preparing creamy risottos and rice puddings.

The high presence of amylopectin starch is what gives risotto its creamy texture and starchy taste that blends well with other flavours.

This rice variety is named after the town of Arborio, which is situated in the Italian region of Piedmont. 

Vacuum-packing prevents the rice from changing and preserves the colour, flavour and nutritional values of the grain.


About the producer:

According to De Cecco principles, three ingredients are needed to create quality products: respect, passion and expertise.

For over 130 years De Cecco has brought to our tables the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine and all over the years has become a worldwide synonym for quality.

The founder Don Nicola De Cecco produced “the best flour of the surrounding countryside” in his stone mill.

It was the son Filippo who began in 1886 a new chapter of the De Cecco family history by starting the production of pasta.

Over the years many things have changed, but there will always be the will to preserve and consolidate the productive principles of the Founder: selected and fresh semolina from one’s own mill, bronze plate drawing, low temperature drying and a constant quality control.


Our recommendation:

We love and strongly recommend these classic risotto recipes: 

  • asparagus risotto 
  • porcini mushrooms risotto 
  • risotto with radicchio 


Directions of use:

Cooking time:  14/16 mins 

Once opened place the rice in a glass jar with a lid in a cool, dry place.



Arborio rice


Nutritional values / 100 gr:


1497 Kj / 352 Kcal 


0.4 g 

- of which saturates 

0.1 g 


80 g 

- of which sugars

0.2 g 


1.0 g 


6.7 g 


0.01 g 

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