Deseo Classic Almond Cantuccini P.G.I. 200g
Deseo Classic Almond Cantuccini P.G.I. 200g
Deseo Classic Almond Cantuccini P.G.I. 200g
Deseo Classic Almond Cantuccini P.G.I. 200g

Deseo Classic Almond Cantuccini P.G.I. 200g

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DESEO Cantuccini are handmade, baked on a daily basis, respecting standards of quality and authenticity that do not permit the use of any type of preservative nor palm oil for its negative effects on health and environment. 

Cantucci (or Cantuccini) are one of the greatest confectionery prides of Tuscan cuisine and represent the good Tuscan living in the world.

In Tuscany they are normally tasted at the end of a meal by soaking them in a local fortified wine, called Vin Santo, but they are also perfect with coffee or tea during any other moment of the day. 

The name seems to derive from "canto" or "cantellus", that is a slice of bread in Latin. 

Their traditional elongated shape is obtained by cutting diagonally the hot loaf of dough into slices. 

The original recipe dates back to the 19th century, when Antonio Mattei, a pastry chef from Prato (Tuscany), developed this delicious and unique biscuit that received numerous awards at trade fairs in Italy and abroad.


About the producer:

Following his desire of having his own artisan’s workshop, Francesco Pandolfini, keen on food and driven by the spirit of continuous research, founded in 2001 DESEO. 

Deseo’s main goal is creating well-balanced and tasty biscuits containing only excellent ingredients and natural flavours, following handmade working methods and traditional cooking systems.


Our recommendation:

These crunchy and delicate cantuccini  pair perfectly with sweet dessert wines, such as Aleatico, Port and Marsala


Directions of use:

Store in a cool dry place



WHEAT flour, sugar, ALMONDS, EGGS, barn EGG yolk, butter (MILK), honey, raising agent (disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate), natural flavours, sea salt.


Nutritional values / 100 gr:


KJ 1952 / Kcal 464


16 g 

- of which saturates 

3.8 g 


69 g 

- of which sugars

27 g 


3.8 g 


11 g 


0.08 g 


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