Ferron Nano Vialone Veronese P.G.I. Rice 1kg

Ferron Nano Vialone Veronese P.G.I. Rice 1kg

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Medium size rice, with a roundish and elongated shaped grain. Nano Vialone is among the most popular varieties of Italian rice in the world for its excellent resistance to being cooked and the ability to release abundant starch, makes it a great choice for your favourite risotto. The grain maintains its consistency for a long time even once cooked. 

Ferron is an ancient and worldwide renowned rice mill based in Verona, and their rice is obtained following a traditional process which takes long hours and great skills, with the aim to preserve intact the nutritional quality and taste.


About the producer:

Ferron Rice Mill, which is based in Isola della Scala - Verona, is considered to be the oldest functioning rice mill in Italy and is still used today to produce a limited quantity of rice destined for haute cuisine and specialised delicatessens around the world.

Today the mill is in fact protected by the superintendence of cultural heritage as it is considered a historical monument.

There are 5 Ferron generations that follow one another in the business management and still today the company works rice as in the distant 1650, when the centuries-old history of Ferron Rice Mill began. 

The perseverance of the brothers Gabriele and Maurizio, current owners with their sons Alessio and Diego, Mirco and Denis, has kept the original mill for the husking in operation so the large paddle wheel, driven by water is still intact and functional.

This type of processing requires 7 hours and great skills.

The rice obtained from this process preserves intact the nutritional quality and taste. 

Over the years the charm of this ancient rice mill has attracted numerous journalists, photographers and television crews from all over the world.


Our recommendation:

Italian classic risotto dishes: 

  • risotto with asparagus 
  • risotto with porcini mushrooms 
  • risotto with radicchio 

Our favourite ingredients for rice salads: tuna, artichokes, buffalo mozzarella. 


Directions of use:

Cooking time: 14-16 minutes

Store in a cool dry place. 



Carnaroli rice - product of Italy 


Nutritional values / 100 gr:


1503 Kj / 354 Kcal


0.4 g 

- of which saturates 

0.1 g 


80.4 g 

- of which sugars

0.2 g 


1.0 g 


6.7 g 


0.02 g 

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