Voiello Trenette Linguine 500g
Voiello Trenette Linguine 500g

Voiello Trenette Linguine 500g

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Born in the wonderful Italian Riviera, and precisely in Genova, Linguine are appreciated for their characteristic biconvex section, which offers adherence to the taste buds, transmitting rich sensations of taste and aroma.

This pasta is obtained exclusively from high quality Italian durum wheat, it’s been bronze drawn and let air dry naturally to achieve that perfect texture which will hold your sauce superbly. 

Love it with basil pesto or seafood and marinara sauce while bringing the Riviera to your table.  

About the producer:

The three golden rules of pasta Voiello have been the same for over a century: pasta obtained only from the best durum wheat, be bronze-drawn, be left to air-dry naturally.

It is thanks to these three principles that pasta Voiello reaches an exceptional roughness and quality, and it has been recognised for over 130 years as the pasta for connoisseurs. 

The ‘Aureo' wheat is the only one used for the production, a durum wheat of an extraordinary quality for its protein content and gluten toughness, grown and ground exclusively in Italy. This precious quality of wheat is particularly sustainable in terms of amount of water used and also for the environmental footprint.

Voiello also stands out for  their tradition and the excellence of all time.

Their story began in 1839 when the Swiss engineer Vanvittel, who arrived in Naples to build the first Italian railway, was fascinated by the Mediterranean culture and married Rosa Inzerillo, the daughter of a pasta maker.

After the wedding, August chose to retire to his father-in-law's workshop and learn the local art of pasta making, strongly encouraged by King Ferdinand I, and renowned since the eighteenth century. In 1862 he decided to Italianize the family surname from Vanvittel to Vojello to finally become Voiello.

The plan to open his own pasta factory was completed by his nephew Giovanni who, in 1879, inaugurated the Giovanni Voiello pasta factory in Torre Annunziata (Naples).

With his love for the research of the best, Giovanni studied a mixture of wheat which created a pasta dough which stood out for its exceptional elasticity and hold.

In a few years the pasta factory became synonymous of excellence in the ancient field of pasta making, a reference point for all the Neapolitan aristocracy and sophisticated intellectuals. Their reputation combined to the technologies of the time allowed the production to cross the borders of Campania region to became a national reference and today an international as well. 

As their famous advertisement says: Voiello is the pasta that "when it touches the sauce it never leaves it anymore".

Our recommendation:

The authentic Ligurian tradition requires that linguine be boiled together with diced potatoes and sliced green beans, to be served with the typical pesto.

Directions of use:

Cooking time: 8 minutes. 

Store in a cool dry place. 



Durum wheat semolina of variety 'AUREO', water. 

Wheat grown and ground in Italy. 

May contain traces of soy. 


Nutritional values / 100 gr:


1521 Kj / 359 Kcal


2.0 g 

- of which saturates 

0.4 g 


69.7 g 

- of which sugars

3.5 g 


3.0 g 


14.0 g 


0.013 g 

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