Alce Nero Organic Cocoa Powder 75g
Alce Nero Organic Cocoa Powder 75g

Alce Nero Organic Cocoa Powder 75g

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Alce Nero fairtrade cocoa powder is made using cocoa beans from plantations which are cultivated in accordance with organic regulations.

Free from added sugar and bursting of genuine cocoa flavour and aroma, this cocoa powder is ideal for the preparation of your desserts and smoothies. 

Also known as the food of Gods, cocoa was first used by the Mayas to prepare a bitter and highly spiced beverage drunk in sacred rituals. 

The  Toltecs and the Aztecs who followed the Mayan civilisation adopted the tradition and named the beverage “xocoatl” (which means bitter water). 

The health and nutrition benefits of cocoa which we all know nowadays were immediately clear to the Aztecs, who considered this drink a source of wisdom and energy as well as an aphrodisiac and soothing balsam. 

The first European to come into contact with cocoa was Christopher Columbus who found it to be too bitter and spicy. 

It was only several years later that cocoa was introduced in Europe by the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortés who brought this precious raw material and the recipe of the  holy drink to Spain.

The Spanish added sugar and other ingredients to the recipe and named the drink chocolate: a privilege reserved for the wealthy until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. 


About the producer:

Founded in 1978 Alce Nero represents more than a thousand organic farmers, beekeepers and producers who have since the 70s striven both within Italy and farther afield to produce delicious, healthy, and nourishing food that comes from sustainable agriculture which respects the land and promotes a new way of eating and living. 

The raw organic ingredients used in their products are free from chemicals and processed using technologies which protect their nutritional and organoleptic integrity.


Our recommendation:

Alce Nero organic cocoa powder is ideal for adding all the flavour and aroma of genuine cocoa to puddings, desserts and drinks.


Directions of use:

Store in a cool, dry place. 



Cocoa powder* acidity regulator: potassium carbonate




Nutritional values / 100 gr:


1709 KJ / 407 Kcal


21 g 

- of which saturates 

13 g 


19 g 

- of which sugars

0.5 g 


27 g 


22 g


0 g 

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