Respecting the planet from day one 🌍.




We are happy to say that our packaging is at 99.5% zero impact on environment. 

The cardboard is made by two third of recycled paper and it is recyclable itself ♻️.



We also reuse 95% of the packaging we receive. The material is used for adding extra protection to your parcel.



The bubble wrap is recyclable♻️. Although we are using this with parsimony, we are working on swapping it with paper.

Currently only the tape is not, which makes 0.5% of the packaging weight, we are also working on removing this too.


Loose fill

If you are concerned about the loose fill, that is actually made out of potatoes! 🥔 Therefore compostable.
Here the link if you'd like to have a look greenlightpackaging.com/eco-flo/
It can be used to fertilise grass and plants in general, and it is solvable in water.


Clean Energy

The building that hosts our warehouse is powered by sun 🌞.


Shipping Impact Offset

We are also using DPD for the majority of our shippings. DPD offsets its carbon emissions with a series of initiatives.

Have a look here https://green.dpd.co.uk/


Happy sustainable shopping!