Farchioni Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Casolare” 750ml
Farchioni Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Casolare” 750ml

Farchioni Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Casolare” 750ml

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Award winning organic extra virgin olive oil: 

  • Gold in New York International Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • Gold in London IOOC 2018

Free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers, this oil is produced using the best methods of organic farming, it is naturally unfiltered and cold pressed and it has the classic "cloudy" and "bleary" look due to the microscopic droplets of water naturally contained in the olive fruit.

Just few extra virgin olive oils obtained from highest selected cultivars can become an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

On average, it contains 30% higher concentration of bioactive phenolic and despite its high content of antioxidants it is characterised by a more balanced, pleasant and complex flavour.

FRUITY: low 


SPICY:   low


About the producer: 

Farchioni Olii spa is the story of hard working, devoted people who back in 1780, driven by passion, creativity and desire to excel, began their farm and since then have always followed a path of tradition and respect for the environment. Over the time tradition and innovation have joined forces to offer consumers an even more excellent product. Everyday, Farchioni selects the best raw materials, and with humility they supply us with good oil, because as they say: ‘good oil must be for everyone’. 

Our recommendation:

In order to really appreciate its taste it is best used to season all raw dishes (salads, legumes, toasted bread). 

Its low fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness will respect the balance of all of your dishes, making it a very versatile oil, suitable therefore for the preparations of your meals as well. 

Directions of use: 

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and heat.  

Shake bottle before use. 

This oil may become cloudy at less than 10°C (50°F); this is normal and the oil will clear on warming.  



Extra virgin olive oil


Nutritional values / 100 gr:


824 Kcal / 3389 Kj


91.6 g 

- of which saturates

14 g 

- mono saturates 

69.6 g 

- Poly unsaturates 

8 g 


0 g 

- of which sugars 

0 g 


0 g 


0 g 


0 g 

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