Rummo Gluten Free Linguine 400g

Rummo Gluten Free Linguine 400g

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Rummo gluten free linguine miss one thing only: the gluten. 

The carefully selected raw materials, all strictly non-GMO, are masterfully combined using steam into a delicious and satisfying gluten-free pasta that will give you all the pleasure and texture of the classic one. 

Crafted following a slow steam manufacturing process inspired by tradition and based on the search for excellence in every phase of production, the result is a gluten free pasta which stands out for its lightness and its incomparable consistency, enhanced by the bronze drawing which gives it a rough, sauce-holding surface, capable of delivering an irresistible tasteful sensation, bite after bite.  

So good you won't believe it.


About the producer:

“I drew my first breath under
the roof of my family’s pasta factory
in Benevento, in the heart of the Italian
region known for the world’s finest pasta.
My life’s mission has always been clear:
to make ours the best.” 
- Cosimo Rummo - 


Antonio Rummo launches the family business: milling wheat and making pasta where the

grain is good and the waters are pure: Benevento.

From Antonio to Cosimo to Antonio to Cosimo (and so on), the Rummo legacy is passed from generation to generation.

“Time is the most precious ingredient. 

Every single thing requires time. The good ones even more. 

This is why we work every day with the ‘slow manufacturing method’, giving time to what we all love: pasta. 

There are no shortcuts to the things which are close to our heart” 

- Based on their commercial: ‘there are no shortcuts’ - 

Rummo Lenta Lavorazione® (Rummo slow manufacturing process) is a method inspired

by tradition and based on the search for excellence in every phase of production.

During this process, the pasta is drawn with special bronze dies that gives it a rough, sauce-absorbing surface, capable of delivering an irresistible tasteful sensation, bite after bite.  

Many years of passion, dedication and willing to excel, have been recognised nationally and internationally:   



Legambiente awards Rummo the prize “Innovation, Environment’s Friend” for cutting its CO2 emissions by 30%, thanks to investment in a Trigeneration plant.

January 2011

The Italian President of the Republic awards Cosimo Rummo the Leonardo

Award of Excellence “Made in Italy” in honour of the firm’s innovation and product quality.

April 2011

Pasta Rummo earns the Bureau Veritas certification for its resistance to over-cooking and the quality of the durum wheat used to make it.

On every package of pasta you can still see the three horses (Bruto, Bello

and Baiardo) which back in 1900 used to pull the wheat to Rummo’s mill.

Since then many things have changed, but the authentic taste and texture of their unique pasta has been preserved intact over time. 

Our recommendation:

Linguine are perfectly pairing with a fresh basil pesto.

Directions of use:

Cooks in 10 minutes. 

Store in a cool dry place. 


Wholemeal rice (36%), yellow corn (32.5%), white corn (20%), rice (8%)potato starch (3%), emulsifier: mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin 

Nutritional values / 100 gr:


1445 KJ / 341 Kcal


2.0 g 

- of which saturates 

0.7 g 


73.2 gr 

- of which sugars

0.3 g 


3.1 g


6.0 g 


0.003 g 

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